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Welcome to the website of Gordon Lam

The collected works of a corporate e-learning developer


Mission Statement

My mission statement is written next to my logo "From your mind... to online." What does that mean? I can help if you need to develop:

  • an e-learning module
  • an online simulation
  • a website, blog, or learning portal
  • an animation-based marketing campaign for your training program

If you can envision it and describe it, I can create it!

This website is an opportunity for me to share examples of my projects as a corporate e-learning instructional designer/developer as well as my work as a web design consultant.


What makes me, my skillset, and thus this website unique?

There are individuals with expertise in classroom instructional design, others with web-based instructional design knowledge, and those with graphics and multimedia design talents. I am one of the few who has all of these skills, and this website illustrates examples of my work from over a dozen years in this field.


Why the URL of onthelam?

As my name is Gordon Lam, it seemed natural to have the web address of onthelam.com. You can find the etymology of the slang expression “On the Lam” here.

By the way, there is a famous Hong Kong actor named Gordon Lam, but I am not him, and as of now have not met him, but more info is here.

Please take some time...

Go ahead and explore this website. There is a:

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