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Gallery - Wallpaper


As an example of my graphic design work, I offer up these sample wallpaper images. These are the result of a project where I was tasked with creating a series of computer wallpaper based on a corporate university logo.

Click the thumbnails below to view the images. Use the thumbnail panel to go to the next set.

  • Corporate University Logo
    This is the original logo that was used as the basis of the wallpaper series.
  •  Blimp over NY
    The logo appears on a blimp over NYC.
  • Absolute Logo
    A spoof of the old Absolute Vodka ads showing Central park in NYC shaped as the Corporate University logo
  •  Used Coffee Cup
    Corporate University coffee by the sea!
  •  Electric Logo
    An experimental electric shock look
  • Empire Logo
    As the firm was across the street from the Empire State Building, this was an obvious choice.
  • Euro Logo
    At this time the "'Euro" look was a popular graphics feel.
  • Lollypop Logo
    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a corporate university?
  • Rocks Logo
    I took this photo of rocks on a shoreline and this turned out looking like pigeon droppings!
  • Yankee Logo
    You can tell what team I root for!
  • Stonehedge Logo
    I took this photo at Stonehenge, then created a carved look
  • Built Corp U Tough
    A takeoff on the "built Ford Tough" series of ads
  • Great Wall U
    I took this photo of the Great Wall and imposed the logo on it
  • Wheat Logo
    My favorite - A lot of effort went into making this look like a crop circle
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